Top 3 Best Photo Recovery Software Review

Losing precious digital photos is distressing, but don’t be panic, you still have a chance to get them

back provided that your storage device is still intact. Photo recovery software on the market is designed

to help recover all lost photos and other media files from computer hard drive, deleted partitions, USB

drives and external storage media. Most commonly used image formats are supported by the photo

recovery software, including BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSP, PCT and BNP.


Photo recovery software is a do-it-yourself solution that is convenient and less expensive than hiring

a data recovery service. Here we compared three most best photo recovery software to help you find

the most suitable tool to solve your photo-loss problem.


Top 1: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Review


Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a professional digital photo recovery tool to recover all your seemingly lost photos, videos and songs from corrupt or formatted hard drive and external storage media such as memory stick, USB drive, flash card, memory card, mini disk and etc. It can recover all popular photo formats including: JPG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PSP, PCT, etc. Besides, it can fully support all major cameras and memory card formats on the market. Recover photos with Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is very simple. Just run the program, select the drive where you lost files. Then it would auto search for all lost photos and other media files. After scanning finished, the software displays all the available files for restoration, separated by files type, such as the extension. So just check and choose the storage media to save the media files.

Main Features:

  1. Recover photos from all Internal & External Drives, Memory Cards, and Digital Cameras
  2. Support data recovery of photos, videos and audio files
  3. Smartly & Efficiently recovers all HD MOV files
  4. Preview & Save deleted photo distinctively with their original file names
  5. Supports scanning of storage devices with storage capacity over 2TB
  6. Facilitates option to add new file headers for recovery


Test & Review:

The program interface of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is very basic and easy to use, although the screen elements appear slightly misaligned. The interface is not resizable. The window of the program and its various elements are fixed in size, which is good for managing a small number of files. However, these details are purely aesthetic and the great merit of the program is that it works very well, smartly fulfills the work it is designed to do. Moreover, it runs quite fast, amazing. One of the advanced features of this program is the option to create an image of your source volume where you lost photos. By doing this, you can essentially create a clone of the source volume, which can then be scanned for recovering any lost files without any further tampering the original volume. To conclude, despite some disadvantages of the interface and the inability to detect 100% of the lost files, the program does a perfect job in locating and recovering most lost digital photos and video. It has the potential to be quite useful; after all, no recovery program can ensure to fully recover all lost files.


Pros & Cons:


+ Very basic and easy-to-use interface;

+ Works great and does the job it sets;

+ Fast scan speed;

+ Recover most lost photos;

+ Offer option to create an image of internal & external drive.


- The interface is not resizable.

Top 2: Wondershare Photo Recovery Review


Wondershare Photo Recovery is a program designed especially for those who need to recover media files lost due to mistaken deletion, formatting, improper device usage, virus attack, software failure, etc. The program is able to scan computer hard drive and various storage devices such as flash drives, SD cards, hard drives, cameras etc in search of digital photos, videos and audio files that you have lost unintentionally and restore them thoroughly. It can retrieve lost photos and save elsewhere which would not overlap the data on the disk, To use it, simply launch the program, choose the type of recovery, select the drive and start the search. Then you can preview the image files before you recover them and select those you really need.

Main Features:

  1. Recover not only photos, but also videos and music files
  2. Recover photos from PC, USB drive, digital camera and other storage media.
  3. Save the previous scan results and import it to resume recovery without scanning again
  4. File filter enables you to find specific files quickly by file name, size or extension
  5. Thumbnail Preview allows users to check the quality of each image in advance
  6. Restore photos lost due to deletion, formatting, improper usage of your device, software crash, virus infection, and other scenarios.


Test & Review:

After downloading Wondershare Photo Recovery, please note not to install it on the same hard drive where you want to recover photo. So make sure that you have installed the program on another partition on your hard drive. When opening the app for the first time, you will see a short guide explaining that it is possible to recover files through cameras plugged into your PC (via USB port) or memory cards plugged into a reader slot, USB drives or other partitions on your hard disk. The interface of the program, at least, is very elegant and pleasing indeed. The menus are very simple and also make the Photo Recovery software very easy to operate. Another highlight is the ability to view the found files before recovering them effectively, which avoids the reconstruction of erroneous documents.

The photo recovery program is very simple and no prior knowledge about recovering lost photo is needed. The scanning process of the application is very fast which allows the user to reach your goal soon and not waste too much time. The feature that allows you to create a backup of resource drive is very useful, especially when something goes wrong with the drive and is no longer accessible. In our test, the program was able to recover 99% of lost files, which is a good average, but fails to meet the claim saying recover "all" files. The file preview feature facilitates the identification and verification of the quality of the file, which is very useful for those who are doing the recovery. All in all, Wondershare Photo Recovery is a complete and simple-to-use tool to recover files. You can try it for a period before deciding to buy it.


Pros & Cons:


+ Attractive interface

+ Easy-to-use with Wizard

+ The scan time is fast

+ Detects even older files

+ Allows you to copy the entire drive to be searched

+ Preview feature helps identify and verify the file quality


- Not always retrieves all files;

- The trial version does not allow recovering files.

Top 3: Disk Doctor Photo Recovery Review


Disk Doctors Photo Recovery is a highly functional, yet easy-to-use data recovery tool. The photo recovery software was designed to recover images, audio files and video lost due to intentional or accidental deletion, formatting, improper device usage, virus attack, software failure, whatever the reason is, the software will find and restore them totally. With this program, you can easily recover files from your camera, memory card, USB device, hard drive and other storage devices only by a few clicks. The whole process is very simple, even for less advanced users. The manufacturer provides versions for both Mac OS X and Windows.

Main Features:

  1. Securely recover deleted/lost/missing photos, videos and audio files
  2. Recover photos from formatted drives with file names
  3. Support most popular photo format: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, TIFF, JPG, GIF, RAW and BNP
  4. Support most popular video format: MP4, WAV, MIDI, MPEG, MOV, MPG, AVI, etc.
  5. Support most popular audio format: MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, AIF, etc.
  6. Support for all popular professional DSLRs generated raw photo file types
  7. Recover deleted or formatted files fast and efficiently
  8. Evaluation of recovery results is more assured with preview option
  9. Supports Windows & Mac


Test & Review:

After downloading and installing the Disk Doctor Photo Recovery and started to run the program for the first time, you would be prompted to select your desired the data recovery modes from three options on the main interface. Each mode is clearly defined and you should have no problem in the most suitable one for your photo loss situation. You are allowed to select recovering deleted files, recovering data from formatted drives or advanced recovery mode. In the next step, you will be prompted to choose the storage media from which you want to recover lost photos. Besides, Disk Doctors Photo Recovery can also recover video and audio files of most popular formats. After that, the program would auto scan the device for all deleted files, even some old files that you once reckoned cannot be recovered forever. Though Disk Doctors Photo Recovery boasts that it is able to scan large storage devices in considerably less time than other competing tools, the scan time, in fact largely depends on the filters and other settings you configured beforehand. Here, we try to scan a memory card of 2 GB data, it takes around 10 minutes and find out around 90% of all lost photos. The scan speed is relatively fast and recovered most lost photos with original file name. In a word, Disk Doctor Photo Recovery has delivered good results in our test, we advise you to take a shot if you are facing media file loss.


Pros & Cons:


+ User-friendly

+ Simple and easy-to-use interface

+ Compatible with many types of media file formats

+ Preview of recovered files

+ Do no harm to your existing files


- Cannot recover all lost media files